We’re building the digital workforce for revenue cycle management
Fylepod is changing the pace of revenue cycle management through the development of a digital workforce powered by AI- and machine learning-driven hyperautomation
Fylepod Optimizes Revenue Cycle Management through Next-Generation Hyperautomation

Fylepod optimizes the full spectrum of revenue cycle management by automating analysis, assessment and assignment of EMR data streams. We’re building digital worker bots targeted to key RCM workflows using hyperautomation. Our digital workers, built using the latest innovations in AI, machine learning and robotic process automation, enable healthcare organizations to manage, automate and scale healthcare billing, coding, analysis and optimization.

Artificial Intelligence

Our digital workers use AI to maximize revenue capture and integrity, and improve practice margins and operational efficiencies.

Machine Learning

Our digital workers use machine learning algorithms to analyze existing data and provide predictive modeling to deliver process efficiencies.

Robotic Process Automation

Our digital workers use robotic process automation to complete cumbersome, labor-intensive work.

Careers at Fylepod

Fylepod is positioned to revolutionize the revenue cycle management industry by developing hyperautomation-powered digital worker bots that can streamline, optimize and scale revenue cycle management workflows. We’re looking for highly-driven technology professionals who are seeking to join an innovative company focused on building the highest-quality technology solutions for the healthcare industry.