Fylepod is changing the pace of revenue cycle management through the development of a digital workforce powered by AI- and machine learning-driven hyperautomation
We’re developing digital worker bots to automate and optimize revenue cycle management

Fylepod is developing a series of digital worker bots targeted toward key revenue cycle management workflows. This hyperautomation-powered digital workforce will provide a range of high-value benefits to healthcare organizations.

Provide Transparency

Simplify eligibility verification, patient propensity to pay and prior authorization so that you can provide your patients with a more transparent experience.

Capture Revenue

Use machine learning and AI to identify and correct missing charges, coding errors and DRG underpayments so that you can easily uncover revenue you’re owed.

Manage Claims

Automate and simplify claims management and accelerate reimbursement through machine process automation and electronic claims management.

Manage Payments

Get paid faster by government and commercial payers by seamlessly exchanging claim and remit information with your payers, and make it easy for patients to pay for their healthcare services.

Manage Denials

Automate the process of preventing denials and streamline the appeal process in order to more easily track and manage denials, while focusing your team’s efforts on higher-value tasks.

Get Actionable Analytics

Fylepod’s analytics and business intelligence capabilities enable you to access and report on critical information in real time, in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness, resolve issues faster and capture new revenue from underpaid claims.